how much money can you make for writing a novel

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Of course the difficulty is self-evident, like these big websites have a large membership base and great competition. The appropriate approach is to operate as a team, play games in teams, start several games at the same time, and finally reward the team according to their contributions. This is an ideal approach. Friends with this kind of thinking, especially college students, see some companions who play page games, might as well try this online earning model.

For every man who loves adventure, conquering fear is the biggest gain. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain adventure... One extreme sport after another is another stage for them to express themselves and show themselves to their heart's content. Whenever it reaches the top, the pleasure of surpassing oneself is a kind of unforgettable pleasure, and the certificate of the brave man obtained after the game is also a kind of man's proof. Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo's novels, play with heartbeat, occupy a large market among men.

It is relatively free. You can do what you want according to your time, and you can not do it if you don’t have time. You don’t need to restrain yourself~ The salary for handing out flyers is generally not very high, and it varies from city to city. Moreover, handing out flyers can exercise your courage and courage, because it is really embarrassing for no one to pick up your flyer.

In fact, people are like this. When you are interested or even obsessed with something, you may abandon everything to pursue it, although in the end it is just a bubble or real wealth. Obviously I didn’t understand these principles or what at the time. What is the most important thing for success in the so-called "plan and move"?

But the prerequisite for self-media to make money is to have a certain degree of visibility, and the more visibility the better. Most of the biggest source of money from the media is the investment of advertisers, such as Douyin bloggers! You can make money by placing ads in your short videos.

For the live broadcast type, there are 10 types of platforms. You can choose according to your own preferences or what type of film and television drama you think is more popular. However, judging from the current market conditions, many people prefer emotional film and television dramas. For example, the host prefers Hong Kong TVB version of the TV series "Dragon Babu", "The Legend of Condor Heroes" and so on. It seems that he accidentally exposed his age! Choosing this kind of film and television drama is one for older people with sentimental feelings, and the other is to avoid copyright issues. If you play the recently popular movie "Wushuang", you may be blocked inexplicably.

Don’t underestimate your position, and feel that you have no profit without a job or earning money. This is wrong. According to educators, children who have always been with their mothers at home will learn more intelligently and get better in all aspects. development of. You should not only prepare for his three meals a day, wash, cook, and wipe the floor, but also educate him to improve his intelligence and help him progress. For these, some sacrifices must be made.

For example, in Yunyang Cattle, it costs 25,000 yuan to claim an Angus bull. After the claim, you only need to raise it for 180 days, that is, half a year, and you can get a daily income of 340 yuan. In half a year, you can get 61,200 yuan in income, with an annualized return of 489%.

There are monthly and daily charts, which count the coins you earn from playing games for the month and day. How generous are the rewards? The top 400 of the monthly rankings are rewarded, and the top 100 of the daily rankings are rewarded. I will intercept the rewards of the top three to give everyone a feeling:

So I made a bold decision. In future articles, I will try to push those that have no routines, hoping that these articles can meet the needs of every friend. For example, this article does not cost a penny. It is an attempt to purchase a router worth 399 yuan for free, and the newly added mobile phone earning column is also an attempt, so I hope to continue working hard!

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