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The opening of the stalls has made the already diversified channel experience even more diversified, and it is undoubtedly a new entrepreneurial opportunity to go to the mountains and the countryside; the good days of the original uncompetitive products online and offline are just price games as the only choice are over. With the rise of the low-input stall economy of thousands of households, this type of business must break through and cannot compare prices with the stall economy. stalls do not require rent, labor, or traffic. They rely on the hands of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is a store manager, a shopping guide, an Internet celebrity, and an anchor. The application of new technologies and new tools to the stall economy shows the characteristics of the eight immortals crossing the sea, and entrepreneurs who come out of the stall economy in time will also Get bigger and bigger.

Speaking of software, Qutoutiao can be said to be gold-plated. Just look at its various awards. In just 18 months, it has become a cutting-edge information APP with its outstanding content innovation and reading experience. The unicorn has won many awards. It also ranked third in news apps in the 2017.12 Cheetah's annual app rankings, second only to Toutiao and Tencent, so Qu Toutiao itself is an excellent software.

Secondly, in terms of time selection, the stalls usually start in the evening. There are also many people who come out after dinner during this time period. The large flow of people can also make it easier to produce transactions. The prices of the products on the street stalls are not high, and it is easy to attract customers. In terms of profit, you can control between 10%-20%. Small profits but quick turnover is also a common way.

Now enter the Juxiang Tour: shengkaiyinye//jxy register to receive newcomer red envelopes, do newbie tasks, and you can make money while playing games. We can make money easily by playing games, so those who are too tired to make money It's definitely not for you, so use Juxiangyou to make money while playing games, you must not miss it.

To give a very simple example, game players often enter a game at will when they choose a game, and they will continue to play if they feel good, but for young online earners, they don’t need to find out what’s fun. Games, foreign lead projects, don’t worry about playing the game for nothing. Because the Wangzhuan platform will release hundreds of new online game demo tasks at the same time. In such a trial process, Wangzhuan Weibo, players can not only play the latest games for free, but also earn a certain amount from them. Commission remuneration, and this is the main content of the game net.

Luo Rong, a teacher at Inner Mongolia University, said that scammers caught the mentality of college students or housewives eager to find part-time jobs to make money. College students have little social experience, and projects with a monthly income of 10,000 yuan make it easy to trust others. Once the other party “decorates” the scam, college students are easily fooled. The deceived are easily tempted by the fake part-time job information of "high salary and easy", thus stepping into the trap set by the scammer. When choosing a part-time job, you must strengthen the awareness of prevention, do not be greedy for small profits, and do not disclose your personal information, deposits, bank cards, etc. to the other party. Wang Zepeng, the Fourth Brigade of the Public Security Patrol Team of the Mudanjiang Aimin Public Security Bureau, said that online scams are emerging in an endless stream, and they are renovated.

At the same time, unknowingly, my income on the website has exceeded 10,000. Although for most webmasters, this income is nothing at all, but for people like me who invest little in online earning, it is already Quite satisfied.

8. A few days ago, I met a few customers, very young, about 20 years old, with a monthly income of 30,000 to 50,000. I was surprised to hear them. They asked them what they were doing. They answered that they were selling game equipment. I don’t know how to play King of Glory, so I ask people who play games to sell game equipment so much money?

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